• OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스
  • OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스
  • OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스
  • OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스
  • OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스
  • OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스
OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스

OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스

제품 상세 정보:

원래 장소: 광동, 중국
브랜드 이름: KAMAYI
인증: MSDS,ISO9001
모델 번호: 3D 고양이 눈 겔 네일 폴리쉬

결제 및 배송 조건:

최소 주문 수량: 12-119 부분
가격: $2.00
포장 세부 사항: 12 PC / 박스 40 배지통 /case
배달 시간: 3-7days
공급 능력: 1000이지 킬로그램 / 일 또는 10000 PC / 일
최고의 가격 접촉

상세 정보

색: 159 음량: 12ml
애플리케이션: 네일아트 미 용법: 네일 그림
패키지: 12pcs/box 경화 시간: 엘이디 조명등 30대, 자외선 램프 60대
원산지: 광동, 중국 주요 단어: 고양이 눈 겔 네일 polish,3D 고양이 눈 네일 겔 UV 겔은 광택이 납니다
판매 유닛: 단일 개체 단일 패키지 규모 : 2.9X2.9X7.3 센티미터
한 개의 총 중량: 0.514 킬로그램 패키지 형태: 12 밀리람베르트 / PC 12 PC / 상자, 40 상자 / CTN, 박스의 크기 :23*11*3cm, 크티엔사이즈 :48.5*26.5*35.5cm 북서 :28 킬로그램
하이 라이트:

51.7g 고양이 눈 겔 polish


12ml OEM 고양이 눈 겔 polish


12ml ODM 고양이 눈 겔 니스

제품 설명

Kamayi 3D Diamond Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish,3D Cat Eye Nail Gel UV Gel Polish
Product Description

    The Charming Red Bottle Series products has totally 96 colors, including including middle color adhesive nail gel, Mirror Mental nail gel, 3D Cats' Eye nail gel, Attractive Cats' Eye nail gel, Color Changing with Tempeture nail gel, Chameleon nail gel, Chameleon Cats' Eye nail gel, Peacock nail gel, and Platinum nail gel. The material with high quality, which you can check by the detailed pictures. We also have other more than 600 colors for your choice. If ANY OEM/ODM service needed, such as customized color, bottle, and your private label or logo, please do not hestitate to contact us. 


    The 3D cat eye  Gel Set has totally 6 hot selling green colors. The feature of our uv/led nail gel polish are as follows:

* Oderless, Non-toxic 

* Quick Drying 

* Easy-removable 

* Super Sticky and Longlasting 

* No irritating solvent added, Eco-friendly

OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 2
OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 4
OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 5

Product Name:
Charming Red Bottle 3d cat eye Series Color UV Nail Gel
Size (length/wide/high):
Shelf life:
24 months
96 hot selling colors
Color Card
OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 12
There is little between the electric color card and the real color of uv nail gel polish.
Contact us if you're interested.
Packing & Delivery
OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 14
Packaging Specification:
1kg, 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 8ml, 12ml, 15ml
1000 colors(Customized available)
YES. Color, bottle, and your logo all can be customized.
T/T Western Union Pay
Sample Time:
1-5 days for different requirements
Lead Time:
3-15 days as different orders
FOB Port:
OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 16
OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 18
OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 20
Our Service

                                Why choose us?


Our Promise to Customers:


1. Our factory has 12 years of experience in the industry of nail gel polish, which can meet any customized requirements of nail gel polish.
2. We are factory direct sales. Compared with traders, we offer first-hand prices, so the prices will be very favorable. As long as you can contact me, we can give it to you!
3. Product quality is the first task of our factory. We have 6 quality inspectors who specialize in inspecting product quality. Here we are confident to promise that if the problem of our gel nail polish causes your loss, we will compensate you for your loss.
4. Credit is our basic principle of doing things. If we have promised you anything, we will do it for you.
5. Our service is considerate, 24 hours online, you can always consult if you have any questions, the factory fully cooperates with production, delivery cycle is short, how many orders, we promise delivery cycle, will be able to do.
6. Low MOQ , factory has spot, at any time we can quickly provide you with goods.
7. We can provide you with purchasing service. If you have any purchasing needs, I can purchase for you.
OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 22

 OEM/ODM & Customized Service:

1. UV/LED Color Gel Nail Polish can be offered with your own brand or logo.

2. UV/LED Color Gel Nail Polish can be offered in barrel as 1kg, 5kgs, 10kgs & 20kgs.

3. UV/LED Color Gel Nail Polish can be customized according your bottle & color etc.

OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 24


1. Keep away from children & the pregnants.
2. Keep away from sunshine and heat.
3. Keep tight after use.
4. Follow usage directions.
5. Discontinue use if allergy/sensitization occurs.
6. It's normal phenomenon if the gel goes thicker in the case of high temperature.
OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 26
How to Use 3 Step Nail Gel
Step 1: File nails and remove the cuticles 
Step 2: Apply one layer of base coat 
Step 3: Cure under Led lamp for 60s/ UV lamp for 120s 
Step 4: Apply one layer of color gel polish 
Step 5: Cure under Led lamp for 30s/ UV for 60s and repeat step 4 & 5 once 
Step 6: Apply one layer of top coat 
Step 7: Cure under Led lamp for 60s/ UV lamp for 120s 
Step 8: Finish
OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 28
How to Remove 3 Step Nail Gel
Step 1: Polish your nails with thin strips 
Step 2: Apply sufficient armour discharge water to cotton 
Step 3: Cut tin paper of appropriate size 
Step 4: Including all fingers. Stay for 5-10minutes. Remove the armor remover totally 
Step 5: Remove armor bag and gently remove softened glue with small steel push 
Step 6: Polish the nail with a polishing strip 
Step 7: Apply nutritional oil to the nail margin and massage until absorbed 
Step 8: Finish
Company Profile



    Guangzhou Kama Manicure Products Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Kama Cosmetics Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hong Kong, China, and its branch office is located in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. It is a professional manufacturer of UV nail polish adhesives integrating R&D, production and sales, specialized in OEM and ODM processing. It established strategic cooperation with well-known brands at home and abroad, and also have their own brand.

    The factory is a professional dust-free workshop with an area of more than 1,600 square meters. The company's core philosophy is "to create first-class quality, establish a famous brand, and advocate green manicure"; "quality first, service first, and words must be" is the core tenet. Assure your own quality, constantly increase strength of research and further development, and keep making continuous progress.

OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 30


UV Nail Gel Market by Chemistry (Acrylate, Methacrylate, Cyanoacrylate), and Regional Analysis
    UV gel nails are artificial extensions worn on the fingertips, and they use ultraviolet light to cure the gel during the application process. The gel stays intact for minimum three weeks without chipping and gives a natural look. Due to such properties, UV nail gel is used widely in nail care industry. 
    The UV nail gel market is projected to register a CAGR of 6.5% between 2015 and 2020 to reach $59.31 million. The growth will be driven by the growth of nail care industry, advanced technology in fashion, affordability and durability, growth of U.S. fashion industry, and gel preference over acrylics among others. The North American region remains the largest market for UV nail gel, followed by Europe. The Asia-Pacific market is projected to have a good growth on account of the demand from nail care industry in the region. Methacrylate is the major type of chemistry used in UV nail gel market with around 95% of the market share in terms of value, in 2014. 
    This report estimates the UV nail gel market for 2015, and projects its expected demand till 2020. It also provides a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the UV nail gel market. Various secondary sources, such as encyclopedia, directories, and databases have been used to identify and collect information that is useful for this extensive commercial study. The primary sources for the report included experts from related industries and suppliers who have been interviewed to obtain and verify critical information as well as to assess the future prospects of the UV nail gel market.
OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 32

Q1. Can I have a sample order for the nail gel polish?

   A: Yes, of course. Sample order for testing and checking our nail gel polish quality are welcomed, and we offer it for free. You just pay for shipping cost, and please contact us if you need. 

Q2. Are you a factory or trading company? 

   A: Original factory with OEM/ODM service. 

Q3. What's lead time and shipping time? 

   A: For sample order, 2-3 days lead time. For general large order, 3-7 days lead time. We send goods by FedEx, DHL, TNT, etc. normally, 3-5 workdays as delivery time. This way is a little expensive but fast and safe for uv nail gel products. 

Q4. Am I able to make my own logo or private label nail gel polish? 

   A: Sure. Our experienced team provides one step service from designing about your logo to color selecting to packaging and many different types of bottles for your choice. 

Q5. Is it possible to give me a little more discount? 

   A: We give more discount for the larger quantity. And you can make a bargain with our salesperson. Add our shop to your bookmark to pay attention to the promotions. 

Q6: Can I be the exclusive distributor at my country/city? 

   A: Yes, we are finding the distributors all over the world. We would like to know more about you and your market! 

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OEM / ODM 3D 다이아몬드 12 밀리람베르트 고양이 눈 겔 니스 34

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